Invitation to tender on road projects – Ministry of Economic Development of Mongolia

The Ministry of Economic Development announced competitive bidding for concessions and invites all interested Mongolian or foreign legal entities or their consortiums to participate in competitive bidding for a number of projects.

Interested parties shall meet following requirements in order to submit their bidding proposal:

  1. To provide a bid guarantee of no less than one fourth of the total proposed investment deposited into their own bank account at any of the Mongolian commercial banks in Mongolian tugriks or foreign currency /a bid guarantee is required for each project bid/;
  2. To have necessary management, professional personnel, technical and technological capacity and experience /the information on the bidder’s experience must include all relevant documentation including the contract(s) and other related documents/;
  3. To satisfy the conditions required for issuing a license, if the business activity in question is licensed under the Law on Licensing of Business Activities /participants are not required to have a road construction license but such license is required for the contractor(s) and subcontractor(s) who are responsible for road construction works/.

Mongolian or foreign legal entities or their consortium shall not be blacklisted by the Ministry of Finance of Mongolia, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank /General Requirement/.

The bid proposals submitted by all participants shall be evaluated in accordance with sections 13.3.1 to 13.3.5 of the Law on Concession and bids that meet the initial requirements shall be evaluated further. Negotiations on terms of concessions will commence with up to 3 shortlisted bidders.

If only one participant (legal entity or their consortium) submitted a bid proposal to the competitive bidding, the proposal shall be evaluated in accordance with the existing law and if the bid meets the criteria, negotiations on the terms of concession will take place.

A legal entity can be a member of only one consortium of legal entities in a given bid and if a legal entity is a member of a consortium of legal entities, it shall not bid on its own.

The winner of the competitive bidding process can establish a legal entity /special purpose vehicle/ to implement the concession.

The competitive bidding process will be organized in accordance with the Law on Concession, regulations on the detailed procedures for bidding and criteria for the evaluation of proposals.

Pursuant to this Announcement, competitive bidding documents shall be distributed in printed and electronic copies to interested parties who submitted the request letter and the receipt confirming the payment of 3,0 /three/ million tugriks to the Ministry of Economic Development Treasury bank account number 9000 36 409. Payment for the competitive bidding documents is non-refundable.

Bid proposals are to be submitted in Mongolian.

A Mongolian or foreign legal entity or their consortium shall submit a request letter to the following address:

Ministry of Economic Development

Innovation and Public Private Partnership Department

Concession Division

Telephone: 264188, 62263132

Annex to Government resolution No.317 Unofficial translation

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